What we do

Our Curriculum

The Valiant School’s values based curriculum is designed around the 5 B’s


The Valiant School aims for our children to :

Be Me

• Value and recognise their own strengths, appreciate similarities and differences to others and always celebrate the journey of progress that happens with hard work. Grasp their own emotional development.

Be Brave

• Have the resilience to experience the challenges and enjoyment in all things, both familiar and new, to grow an inner sense of personal achievement (success breeds success).


Be Kind

• Show empathy and kindness in school and at home to harness happiness and take care of themselves, other people and property.

Be Healthy • Make positive choices to be healthy in all areas of their own wellbeing –  mental, emotional, social, creative, intellectual and physical development.

Be Curious

• Love learning for life! Think and ask questions to enjoy exploring and learning about the world around them.









Meeting individual needs

A robust induction process ensures the sharing of transfer information from their own or previous school, parents, carers and baseline assessments of maths and EYFS literacy/ English. This allows an accurate plan to meet the needs of every individual child.


Key Points about The Valiant School Curriculum:

  • Engaging story topic themes – access to quality reading texts, language and communication
  • Daily reading, phonics and maths
  • Bespoke daily emotional development
  • Increased timetable for EYFS UTW, Science , PHSE and Expressive Arts
  • Planned repetition and short subject units to support new children joining the school mid term
  • Frequent educational visits and visitors integral to curriculum enrichment
  • Children keep up with their peers at mainstream school



Classes  (coming soon – click here to see more about the classes)

  • 2 mixed age classes : phase 1 (EYFS & KS1)

                                      phase 2 (KS2),

  • Small class sizes with high adult to children ratios
  • Children in the EYFS will learn through a balance of adult directed and child- initiated activities alongside a rich, enabling environment.





Academic Information

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that our pupils are well placed to succeed in life.


EYFS Literacy @ communication and Lanaguage/ English

EYFS Literacy and Communication and Language – English :

Reading :

  • Half termly story topic to extend and develop vocabulary,
  • Sequences of lessons linked to fiction, non-fiction and poetry.
  • Every child receives daily individual reading with an adult.
  • Daily shared whole class reading linked to topic or for enjoyment.
  • Reading areas throughout the whole school for all ages.
  • EYFS designated reading area.

Writing :

  • Sequences of lessons linked to the key topic texts with opportunities to write in a range of fiction and non-fiction genres.
  • Spoken language, grammar and spelling
  • EYFS opportunities for writing in purposefully planned learning environment.

Phonics :

  • Anima Phonics Programme (DfE approved).
  • Phonics is used to teach reading.
  • Children will be supported to adapt to their mainstream school’s phonics scheme on transition back to their own school.


Maths :

  • The maths scheme sequences lessons in all areas of mathematics with a priority on fluency and reasoning.
  • White Rose Maths Programme.
  • EYFS opportunities for maths in purposefully planned learning environment.

Human and Social

Religious Education:

  • Is not taught as a curriculum subject
  • Key people, places of worship , festivals and celebrations, similarities and differences are encountered within many areas of the curriculum in the school for example : EYFS Understanding of the world / Communication and language / PSED / Expressive arts and design – PSHE/ art / English stories and speaking and listening during visits and visitors.
  • At the Valiant School Christianity is understood as the principle religion of England, children will also explore other religions including Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.

Understanding the world/ Science

Understanding the World / Science :

  • Practical, hands on enquiry and scientific exploration to engage in active learning as much as possible.
  • Timetabled at least twice a week,
  • Two to three week blocks of knowledge content
  • Linked to all areas of the curriculum .
  • EYFS access Understanding the World in a purposefully planned learning environment.



Human and Social:

  • EYFS Understanding the world EYFS people culture and communities- , Geography
  • EYFS past & present History Ks1 and ks2.
  • Timetabled once a week linked to PHSE, UTW/ science, art.


Personal Development

  • prioritised for increased timetabled lessons and opportunities linked to all areas of SMSC and SRE.
  • PHSE association scheme of work adapted to build from the EYFS curriculum with progression to key stage 1.
  • EYFS PSED in a purposefully planned learning environment.

Physical Education

Physical Development / PE :

  • timetabled at least once weekly.
  • EYFS access daily physical development within a purposefully planned environment.


Understanding of the World / Computing

  • Timetabled at least once weekly.
  • NCCE scheme of work adapted to build from the EYFS curriculum key areas (National Centre for Computing Education)) .

Expressive Arts

Expressive arts and design :

  • timetabled at least once weekly for art, linked into all areas of the curriculum for further opportunity to apply and create.
  • EYFS access daily expressive arts and design opportunities in a purposefully planned environment.